Best Loire Valley Castle Hotels

Best Loire Valley Castle Hotels (+ Chateau With Pool)

The most detailed, handpicked selection of the best Loire Valley castle hotels, plus boutique chateau hotels and hotels with pool (+ my favourite and most popular chateau stays in the Valley of Kings)

If there’s one place in France that effortlessly merges luxury with history, it’s the magnificent Loire Valley. It’s known for its stunning landscapes, vast vineyards, and picturesque villages. But what truly sets this region apart are its magnificent châteaux (or castles) scattered throughout the area. It’s one of the most densely châteaux-packed regions in the world with over 300 castles, some of which date back to the 10th century! Over 42 of the châteaux are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

So, why does the Loire Valley boast such an extraordinary number of châteaux? The answer lies in its rich history and important location. As a strategic location between the north and south of France, the valley became a prized possession for kings, queens, and nobles. Thus over the centuries, they constructed grand châteaux – symbols of power, wealth and prestige.

Today, many of these historic properties have been carefully restored and transformed into luxurious castle hotels. Imagine waking up in a royal suite within ancient castle walls, surrounded by elegant furnishings and picturesque views of the serene countryside. These properties seamlessly blend modern amenities with the romance and magnificence of the past.

In this post I’ll share my favourite & best Loire Valley castle hotels, each with its own distinctive character and story. Whether you love history, appreciate luxury, or seek an unforgettable vacation, the Loire Valley château hotels promise to captivate your imagination.

Where I stayed in Loire Valley

Choosing among the best Loire Valley castle hotels can be a challenging task. When I decided to have a holiday in the captivating Loire Valley in France, I dedicated extensive time to researching the best château hotels in the region.

Loire Valley, also known as the Valley of Kings, spans over 280km (174mi) and has over 300 châteaux. So the first thing I did was to select the ones I wanted to visit and map them out. After doing this, I saw that there are 2 main areas with castles I wanted to visit. One was between the cities of Tours and Angers and the second one was between Tours and Blois. Thus, I decided to stay at 2 castle hotels in Loire Valley. 

By staying at 2 châteaux, I will better experience what it was like living as a king or noble back in the days. But more importantly – I would save a lot of time traveling to the different castles I wanted to visit.

Now that I mentioned traveling – when I was researching for the best castle hotel in Loire Valley, I wasn’t sure if I’d be renting a car or using trains, buses and taxis to reach all the châteaux. As a result, I decided to pick château stays that are close to train stations. Luckily, this reduced significantly the number of hotels from which I had to choose. Finally, after a bit more research and reading, I selected my 2 Loire Valley chateau hotels.

My favorite Loire Valley castle hotels:
Château de Rochecotte
Why: Housed in a 19th century chateau with stunning interior and rooms, has gourmet restaurant, heated outdoor pool and a 25-hectare park
What I liked: the central location right between Tours and Angers, the beautiful park and views over Loire Valley & Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil vineyards

Le Clos d’Amboise
Why: In a small, boutique mansion from 17th century with beautiful rooms, right in the center of Amboise, parking on site
What I liked: the central location, close to Château Royal d’Amboise, wonderful breakfast, beautiful garden and outdoor pool

Most popular Loire Valley castle hotel

Are you looking for a great castle hotel in the Loire Valley, right at the doorstep of the magnificent Château de Chambord (for which I recommend buying skip the line tickets in advance)? Then look no further and book the most popular castle hotel – Relais de Chambord

Relais de Chambord

It’s the only hotel situated in the 5,440-hectare private estate of one of the most recognisable châteaux in the world – Chateau de Chambord. The sight of the castle’s grandeur against the backdrop of the lush French countryside is simply awe-inspiring. Not to mention that you’ll be able to admire the castle and its gardens without all the tourists around. The hotel is also close to other famous châteaux like Chateau de Cheverny or Chateau de Chaumont.

The hotel occupies a building that initially served as King’s stables for the chateau. It was completely restored in 2018, keeping some of its original features but also adding all the modern amenities that you may need. Each room has a unique character, but all of them use designer furniture, are pet friendly and offer views to the chateau or the river.

There are several restaurants on site. Le Grand Saint-Michel offers fine dining with a selection of French dishes. It has 2 “red forks” and one “Michelin plate” by the Michelin Guide. Guests can enjoy a snack or a drink at “La Table du Bistro”, while “Les Armes du Chateau” offers a relaxed environment for a casual lunch or dinner.

When it comes to activities and experiences, the list is endless. You can enjoy things like wine tastings and tours of the Unesco World Heritage vineyards of Loire Valley. Or take a tour to some of the nearby castles, or maybe bike or do horse riding in the woods. And why not discover the Chateau de Chambord and its surroundings by an electric boat on the Cosson canal. Finally, take a balloon ride during sunset and drift slowly over the chateau, while enjoying the last sun rays for the day.


Loire Valley Castle Hotels

  • Best Loire Valley Castle hotel: Château des Grotteaux (9.8/10, 10min away from Château de Chambord, housed in beautiful 17th century chateau)
  • Best Hotel in Loire Valley with a swimming pool: Château de l’Epinay (8.7/10 with natural pool without chemicals)
  • Best Loire Valley chateau hotel without a car: Le Manoir Les Minimes (9.0/10, close to train station and in the center of Amboise)
  • Best boutique hotel in Loire Valley: Château Des Briottieres (9.3/10, in 18th century building with historic interior and 50-hectare park)

Best Loire Valley castle hotels

Through extensive research and personal experience, I created this handpicked list of the best castle hotels in Loire Valley. From the moment you step foot into these properties, you will be captivated by the grandeur of their architecture and the beauty of their surroundings.

In addition to this, the hotels I picked offer a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and exceptional service. When it comes to food, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. The restaurants on site range from countryside bistros to ones offering gourmet dishes.

No matter if you enjoy exploring the Loire Valley, drinking a glass of great wine or just lying by the pool, you’ll find a place for your unforgettable stay in my curated list of the best Loire Valley castle hotels.

Discover the magnificent Chambord & Chenonceau chateaux in Loire Valley with Chambord, Chenonceau Day Trip & Wine Tasting tour. The tour starts either from Tours or Amboise and includes transportation and guided tours of the 2 chateaux. You’ll also taste some of the wines of Loire Valley with a sommelier. I like how you get to see and learn about the 2 most famous chateaux in Loire Valley in a single day + get some wine tasting!

Château Le Prieuré – La Maison Younan

The hotel is housed in a castle that dates back to the 10th century. Now it has been carefully restored to its former glory, preserving its architectural heritage. The chateau’s location is what makes it even more special. Nested among a 60-acre wooded park, right on the banks of Loire river, it offers great views and space to relax.

In addition to that, it’s also close to major cities and other chateaux in the area. It’s only a 10min ride to Saumur, where you can visit the magnificent Château de Saumur. You can also enjoy a show by The National Riding school – home of the famous Cadre Noir display team.

Angers is also not far – around 50min by car. There you can visit Chateau d’Angers – famous for housing The Apocalypse Tapestry. It’s an enormous 6m x 140m (20ft x 460ft) tapestry from the 14th century. Even though I knew its size before visiting it, seeing it live was an experience.

The castle has 21 rooms, each with its own character and decorated with period furniture. Many of the rooms offer views over the Loire river. The on-site restaurant offers contemporary French cuisine and has recently acquired a Toque of the Gault & Millau. There’s also a Lounge & Bar where you can enjoy a drink while looking at the river. One of the most impressive features of Chateau Le Prieuré is its wine cellar. Dating back to the 12th century, the underground cellar houses 30 000 of Loire Valley’s rarest wines.


Château de Maubreuil

Staying at Château de Maubreuil is an excellent choice for a memorable experience. The hotel’s building was constructed in 1815, but some of the other buildings on the property date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Nowadays, it was the first 5-star hotel to open in the region. It’s located just 15min away from Nantes’ city center. That makes it the perfect spot for exploring the city, Loire’s estuary and the area.

The rooms have classic decor and modern amenities, they offer a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary convenience. Each room is uniquely designed to provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, featuring objects and art from around the world. When it comes to food, there’s a contemporary gastronomic restaurant, a wine cellar stocked with some of the finest wines, a chic bar and tea room.

Throughout the year you can pamper yourself in the spa where they use Cinq Mondes Paris products. The chateau also offers some unique experiences like sophrology and sylvotherapy. If that’s not for you, then you can join pilates and yoga sessions, wine tastings or oenology & mixology workshops.

During the summer months, there’s also an outdoor pool at your disposal. The castle hotel also offers electric FIAT 500s for rent during your stay, driver on request, as well as different tours of the region. There’s also a golf course 8min away and a car racing track (where you can rent cars like Lamborghini and McLaren) 1 hour away.


Château de Perreux

This historic château dates back to the 15th century and boasts a captivating past that adds to its charm. The location couldn’t be better – just 4km / 2.5mi from Château Royal d’Amboise and Amboise city center. And within 20km / 12mi are some of the most magical chateaux in Loire Valley – Château de Chenonceau and Château de Chaumont, as well as the city of Tours.

The rooms are finished with a mixture of modern decor and antique furnishing in a minimalistic style. The range of rooms varies from cozy and intimate ones, to spacious and romantic suites. I particularly liked the Privilege Double Room with the exposed wood beams of the roof, right under the turret.

The breakfast and dinner are prepared using local products and produce from the on-site garden. The menu can be adapted based on your preferences. Guests can take advantage of activities like wine tasting in the nearby vineyards, canoeing, hot air balloon riding, renting a bike or just relaxing by the heated outdoor pool.


Château des Grotteaux

Château des Grotteaux is one of the best Loire Valley castle hotels. The chateau was built in 1620, but there are even older foundations that can be seen in the vaulted cellars. It’s located on the banks of Cosson river, just 15min away from the famous Château Royal de Blois and 10min to Château de Chambord.

My advice if you are visiting Château Royal de Blois, watch the “Sound & Light” 3D mapping show every night at 10:00 or 10:30PM (depending on the month). It’s phenomenal and was one of my favorite 3D mappings shows ever.

If you plan on exploring the chateaux in Loire Valley, then Château des Grotteaux is probably the best place to stay! Château de Chambord is just 10min by car or 30min by bicycle, Château de Chenonceau is 55min by car, Château de Chaumont (where one can find one of the best views of Loire Valley) is only 30min away and Château de Cheverny is only 15min by car / 40min on bike.

Now back to Château des Grotteaux – it was completely restored just a few years ago. The rooms offer all the modern amenities one may need and have views to the river or the vines of Cheverny. When it comes to food – there are 6 Michelin-starred restaurants in the area and the owners of the chateau can help or book a table for you.

During your stay you can relax by the heated outdoor pool, play tennis at the on-site court, explore the area and the woods by foot, bicycle or boat. For the more adventurous among you, you can do a hot air balloon. Or why not a small plane tour and see Château de Chambord from the sky. Another unique feature of Château des Grotteaux is that you can book a helicopter to pick you up from Paris and fly you to the chateau in just 50min! Isn’t this amazing!


Best Hotels in Loire Valley with a swimming pool

Staying at a castle hotel in Loire Valley with a swimming pool is a great choice. The pool provides a refreshing and relaxing escape from the summer heat. After a day of sightseeing, you can return to the chateau and take a refreshing dip in the pool, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings. It’s a perfect combination of luxury, history, and leisure.

Many of the hotels I listed in “Best Loire Valley Castle Hotels” section also have pools, so make sure to check them out as well!

Château des Arpentis

Château des Arpentis in the Loire Valley blends the calmness of the countryside with ideal location. It’s located in the outskirts of Amboise and not far from Tours. Some of the most remarkable chateaux in Loire Valley like Château de Chenonceau and Château de Chaumont are just 15-20min away!

This charming castle boasts a rich history that dates back several centuries, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the grandeur of the past. The architecture and rooms have been nicely preserved and beautifully restored. Additionally, the chateau features a splendid pool with picturesque surroundings. You can also stroll in the 30-hectare park of the castle hotel.


Château de l’Epinay

The chateau’s history dates back over 1000 years and the main part of the building dates back to the 15th and 17th centuries. It offers 24 rooms and each one of them offers a unique experience.

The castle hotel is focused on well-being, relaxation and taking care of the environment. Thus, many activities and features follow this theme. For example the restaurant, “L’Orangerie”, serves Franco-Italian dishes and emphases on seasonal, local products. It uses a lot of produce from the chateau’s own garden that follows the permaculture approach.

During the day, you can relax by the unique natural pool. It uses a natural ecosystem to purify the water, thus no chemicals are being used. You can also rent a bike, walk around the 17-hectare park of the chateau, play board games, snooker, pétanque. Or why not watch a movie in the home cinema or dip in the jacuzzi.

Your chateau stay in Loire Valley in l’Epinay can’t go by without visiting their spa and enjoying a massage or facial treatment. After that you can jump into the steam room. Taking part in a yoga, pilates or meditation class is also an option. However, I would suggest doing a workshop – the topics vary from essential oils and medicinal plants to permaculture & zero waste.


Domaine de la Tortinière

The estate is nestled in a vast 15 hectares park with the Indre river flowing through it. The location is great for exploring the eastern part of Loire Valley. It’s just 20min away from Tours and 20 to 40min away from some of the most popular castles in Loire Valley. A big plus is the car park on site. The rooms are modern and bright, but still preserving the history of the chateau.

There’s a restaurant on site serving 2 kinds of menus – bistro style one and a more refined, gastronomic one. When it comes to activities, Domaine de la Tortinière has a lot to offer. There are bikes and boats to rent, a tennis court, billiard room, the park and more.

But the star is the heated outdoor pool, which provides an escape from the summer heat. Outside the chateau, you can book helicopter tours over the castles in Loire Valley, hot air balloon rides, wine tastings and more.


Chateau De Rochecotte

A lovely 4-star hotel located to the west of Tours. It’s housed in a gorgeous 19th century building, amidst a 25-hectare park overlooking the Loire Valley. It’s also right next to a train stop, so it can easily be reached without a car. And for those traveling by car, there’s free parking and a charging station for electric vehicles. The rooms are elegant, decorated with authentic Italian-style furniture.

This is one of the best castle hotels in Loire Valley for ultimate relaxation. With its beautiful views, the big park and french gardens, the chateau is a serene place for your body and soul. At your disposal is also a heated outdoor pool with a bar service and a range of massages.

There’s also a wonderful gastronomic restaurant on site that has 2 different dining areas – one with contemporary decor and one in an 18th century style. The products used are local and quite often produced in the castle’s vegetable garden. The hotel is also producing their own honey and wine. Also… their afternoon tea is not to be missed!


Loire Valley Castle Hotels without a car

Traveling in the valley of kings without a car can be a rewarding experience. Selecting the right castle hotel in Loire Valley becomes even more crucial in this case. One of the main benefits of exploring the region without a car is the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of the region. Traveling by public transportation, bicycles, or on foot allows you to discover hidden gems, picturesque villages, and stunning landscapes that may be easily missed when driving.

When choosing a chateau stay in Loire Valley without a car, it’s important to consider its location. Selecting a castle hotel in a central area, close to public transportation hubs or within walking distance of key attractions, can greatly enhance your convenience and accessibility.

Le Manoir Les Minimes

This 5-star luxury castle hotel in Loire Valley occupies a former convent dormitory from the 15th century. It has a great location – on the bank of Loire, right in the center of Amboise and not far from the train station. It provides quick access to Tours, Blois and the castles in the area. And the beautiful Château du Clos Lucé and Château Royal d’Amboise are at your doorstep.

Being in the center of Amboise means that you have easy access to many restaurants and shops. I recommend you to visit Biscuiterie d’Amboise for the famous local biscuits. The rooms and suites in the hotel are modern and luxurious, offering all the amenities you may need. Some of the rooms have a spectacular view to the castle. The hotel can help you in anything you may need – organizing a tour, booking a restaurant or tickets, massages, shuttles and more.

An interesting feature of the hotel is “The Grocery” – a small shop within the hotel. It offers carefully selected local and organic products and wines.


Le Clos d’Amboise

Situated in the heart of Amboise, guests can conveniently explore the captivating Château d’Amboise and the enchanting Clos Lucé, former home of Leonardo da Vinci. The hotel itself occupies a 17th century manor and still preserves its original charm. You can still see many original elements like the 18th century Versailles oak parquet, the staircase, all the fireplaces and much more. It’s like staying at a museum.

This castle hotel in Loire Valley shares all the benefits of the location as Le Manoir Les Minimes (mentioned above), as both of them are in the center of Amboise. The rooms try to preserve the charm of the past, yet provide all the modern amenities you can expect. There’s a restaurant on site, but you can always visit some of the many restaurants in Amboise. During the summer months, you can escape the hot weather in the outdoor pool.


Boutique hotels in Loire Valley

One of the key benefits of boutique hotels in Loire Valley is the intimate and personalized atmosphere that they provide. With a limited number of rooms, they prioritize individualized attention and exceptional customer service.

Many of the boutique hotels in the area are housed in historic buildings, such as old mansions or charming country houses. Now they have been carefully restored to retain their original charm. Last, but not least, boutique hotels in Loire Valley usually pay great attention to the design of the interior and general experience of the guests.

Château des Forges

Located in the outskirts of Angers, Château des Forges is a 19th century manor that provides the benefits of both – a countryside escape and a city chateau stay in Loire Valley. It follows the “slow life” principle, inviting you to wind down, relax and admire the Lower Valleys of Anjou. The breakfast uses local and organic products and the bar has a wide range of local and organic wines. And I can assure you that the bars and restaurants in the area that the staff recommends are all great!

The rooms are modern and wonderfully decorated in a retro-chic style and some of them reveal breathtaking views over Saint Aubin valley. Other than exploring the many castles in the area, you’ll be able to also enjoy the heated outdoor pool. And Terra Botanica park, the leading botanical theme park in France, is just 10min walk away. This castle hotel in Loire Valley also has a small vegetable and botanical gardens, a park with sheep and can help you book a wide range of activities.


Château Des Briottieres

This 18th century castle that has been in the same family for 7 generations. It’s located in the crossroad between Brittany, Normandy and the Pays de la Loire. So staying there lets you explore a few areas at once. Des Briottieres is one of the Loire Valley castle hotels which truly makes you feel like a royal.

Each evening you can have dinner at the most beautiful room in the castle hotel – the formal dining room. It’s decorated in 19th century marble effect walls with original wood mouldings and a parquet floor. Each evening the menu is different and dinner starts with an aperitif in the drawing room. Then it continues with dinner in the dining room. The night finishes back in the drawing room for coffee and tea.

When you book your chateau stay in Loire Valley in Des Briottieres, you can choose between 3 types of accommodation. You can pick a room in the castle, in a 19th century building next to the chateau with stone walls and fireplace, or stay in the log cabin that has a private sauna. The castle has a 50-hectare park where you can stroll, ride a bike, go fishing in the lake and relax. There’s also a swimming pool, a tennis court, billiards, massages and a lot more things to do.


Les Sources de Cheverny

Les Sources de Cheverny is a luxurious castle hotel nestled in the heart of the Loire Valley in France. It’s located close to Blois and just 4km/2.5mi from Château de Cheverny. The hotel is surrounded by lush gardens and tranquil water features, creating a sense of serenity and harmony. The hotel features elegantly designed rooms and suites.

There are 2 restaurants and a wine bar (located inside the former cellar of the estate) and they are using local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. In general the castle hotel is doing a lot to protect nature and the environment.

At the property there’s also an outdoor swimming pool, oak barrel bath, exquisite spa and a range of activities. These include things like yoga & sport classes, pilates & tennis. Outside the property you can have a hot air balloon ride, wine tastings, horse riding lessons and a golf course is just 5min away.


Tips for selecting the perfect Loire Valley castle hotel

Choosing the perfect Loire Valley castle hotel can be an exciting task. But it’s not just a matter of which castle hotel looks the best or suits your budget. There are other factors to take into account and I’ll share with you some tips & things to consider that I use when planning my holidays.


It’s important to think about how you’re going to travel around Loire Valley – will you be using public transport or hire a car? As I already mentioned, during my trip in the Loire Valley I decided to use public transport. If you do the same, it’s important to pick a castle hotel in (or close to) a city or railway stop. Otherwise you may end up spending most of your time traveling to the castles in the area that you want to visit, rather than admiring them.

Of course, the above is not applicable if you plan on just staying in a chateau in Loire Valley without exploring the area. On the other hand, if you plan on renting a car, then you’re a lot more flexible on the location. Just make sure that the castle is not too far away from the places you want to explore. Also make sure that the castle hotel you select has a parking on the property or nearby.


Think about the location that suits your preferences. Do you prefer a castle nestled in the countryside, offering tranquility and scenic views, or one located in a vibrant city, providing easy access to attractions, amenities and restaurants? As I already mentioned, the location is particularly important if you plan on traveling using public transport.

From my experience, the chateau stays in Loire Valley countryside are usually more grandeur, have a larger plot and offer more amenities. You’ll often find things like several on-site restaurants, vineyards and sometimes a pool. On the other hand, the castle hotels in (or near) cities and villages are usually smaller, more like a mansion and don’t offer that many “extras”.

Dining options

Check if the castle has a restaurant on-site, offering a variety of dining options. It can be convenient to have the option of enjoying meals within the premises, especially if you prefer to try traditional cuisine or experience fine dining. This is especially important when the castle is in the countryside, far from other villages. So make sure that there are restaurants on site and that they match your taste and budget.


Research the nearby attractions and points of interest. Consider if the castle hotel is located close to popular landmarks, historical sites, or natural wonders that you’d like to explore during your stay. Of course, if you plan on just relaxing during your chateau stay in Loire Valley, then make sure to check the next point.


From my experience traveling around Europe and staying in a castle hotel in Loire Valley, all mid-level and luxury hotels nowadays offer modern amenities like free WiFi, en-suite bathroom, safe in the room and more. But consider if you want additional amenities such as a swimming pool, spa facilities, tennis court or a fitness center.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time planning your holiday, it’s good to check what activities & experiences are offered by the castle hotel. Wine tastings & tours, bike rentals and transfers are available at most places. In addition to this, some hotels also offer more exquisite experiences like horse riding, boat tours, hot air balloon flights, wine or cheese making classes and more.

FAQs about Loire Valley castle hotels

Can you stay in a chateau in the Loire Valley?

Yes, you can absolutely stay in a chateau in the Loire Valley. Many castles in the area are turned into hotels, so staying in a castle in Loire Valley is easy and affordable. In my post I’ve selected the best ones in several categories and different price ranges.

Do you need a car in Loire Valley?

The region offers various transportation options that allow you to access the castles even without a car. Many people use public transport, trains and bicycles to visit the castles. But having a car can be convenient for exploring the Loire Valley and can save you quite a lot of time.

What are the main chateaux of Loire Valley?

The main and most beautiful chateaux of Loire Valley are Château de Chenonceau, Château de Chambord, Château de Cheverny, Château d’Azay-le-Rideau and Château Royal de Blois. The most grandeur and my favorite one among them is Château de Chambord.

Where to stay when visiting Loire Valley?

The best area to stay in Loire Valley in my opinion is between the cities of Blois and Tours. It’s where most of the famous chateaux are located. I recommend you to stay in Le Manoir Les Minimes. The location is perfect – in the city center of Amboise, with a view of Château Royal d’Amboise and close to many other chateaux and restaurants. It’s also suitable for people with or without a car. This makes it one of the best Loire Valley castle hotels.

Best Loire Valley castle hotels, France

Château Des Briottieres9.2
Château de Maubreuil9.2
Château des Grotteaux9.8
Chateau De Rochecotte8.9
Château des Arpentis9.0

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